PP-R (Random Copolymer Polypropylene) Pipe is plastic pipe which has been designed for hot and cold water supply and distribution. PP-R pipe, “SLYM” brand, is made from high quality material. PP-R Pipe can be used for potable water supply and distribution because of its non toxicity. PP-R also has been designed with its advantages of eco-friendly, long service life and excellent chemical resistance.

     Antibacterial PP-R Pipe is plastic which has been designed for water flows through a pipe with a layer of nanoparticles consisting of IONPURE silver (nano-silver ion inorganic antibacterial agent) as a deterrent and kills the bacteria that cause various diseases.


     Hot and cold water piping networks in residential and commercial buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Offices. Chilled water networks in air conditioning systems as an effective light-weight and corrosion can be substituted for steel pipes. Transport of wide range of chemicals in the industry. Piping networks for swimming pool facilities.


Long Service Life

High Impact Resistance

Superior Heat Resistance

Non Toxicity

High Design Pressure Rating

Excellent Chemical Resistance


Good health

   PP-R Pipe Fitting


Socket Fusion Installation

1. Pipe cutting off. The pipes must be vertically cut off with pipe cutter.

2. A mark shall be made at the depth of pipe insertion. (equals to slip-in depth of adaptor)

3. Clean the socket and the spigot with cleansing clothes and alcohol.

4. Welding pipe and fitting together at 260 oC on welding tools, Refer to Technical parameter for fusing connection.

The joining of the Smart lock fitting system

1. Cut pipe square by the pipe snipper, then chamfer the pipe end with the chamfer tool.

2. Mark the pipe by measuring at the pipe depth line on the fitting.

3. Push the pipe into the fitting until it reaches the mark.

4. In case of wrong installation. You can reinstall the pipe and fitting by release key.


Pipe :

  • DIN 8077 – 8078 ISO 15874 WRAS/BS 6920 Part II For quality pressure hose.
  • PN 10,PN 20 and PN 25 Fiber composite 4 meters in length

Fitting :

  • DIN 16962 ISO 15874 For quality pressure hose.
  • PN 20 For Socket Fusion ISO 14236

   Price List

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