PP Pipe is made from polypropylene resin. polypropylene resin is high molecular weight polyolefin which offers specially physical properties and high environmental stress cracking resistance. Besides PP Pipe can resist the temperature up to 95oC, hence it is suitable for non-pressure drainage in laboratory or building.


1. Building Drainage System 2. Laboratory Drainage System

3. Kitchen Effluent 4. Industrial Effluent


UV Resistance

Recyclable 100%

Chemical Resistance


Heat Resistance

High noise reduction without insulation

How to installation PP Pipes and fittings (Mechanical Joint System)

1. Cut the pipe square then put 1) retaining cap 2) grab ring 3) washer 4) pipe seal respectively on the pipe (as shown in the picture)

2. Push the pipe into the fitting body and make sure that the pipe end reaches the shoulder of the fitting. Move the pipe seal, washer, grab ring and retaining cap to fit with the fitting body. Then, tighten the retaining cap to all threads. 

3. Using wrench for cap to tighten the retaining cap to all threads. 

  • BS 4991-1974
  • BS 5254-1976
  • BS 2494-1990
  • BS EN 1451-1:2000

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