SLYM PP-BROWN Pipe Bell-Fit fitting is designed in bell-end type providing an easy and fast installation. It is conformed to the standards BS 4991, BS 5254 and BS 2494. IN addition, SLYM PP-BROWN Pipe and fitting also make the piping system quite simple in long term maintenance services. SLYM PP-BROWN pipe and fitting are designed to be used with sewerage and drainage systems. They are suitable for residential and commercial buildings and for rain water drainage pipes.


   1. Soil – Wast – Vent pipe
   2. Kitchen wast
   3. Rain water piping
   4. Drainage piping
   5. Underground and gravity pipe


Superior Heat Resistance

Non Toxicity

Light Weight

Lip Seal

Easy Installation


How to installation a Bell-Fit fitting

1. Cut the pipe square and chamfer the pipe end.

2. Mark the pipe by measuring with the socket depth of the fitting.

3. Align the pipe end and push it firmly info the fitting.


  • SGS : BS 5242

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