PB Pipe is made from polybutylene resin, the high quality product from Europe and USA. Polybutylene resin is a plastic that has high molecular weight, which offers high physical properties and high environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR). With these excellent properties, PB pipe is suitable to use in any water system. It can resist the temperature from –400c to 480c for cold water and -15 0C  to 90 0C  for hot water.


1. Portable water and waste
   water supply system.
2. Irrigation system
3. Under water pipelines

4. Food processing industry.
5. Industrial effluents and
   chemical plant
6. Hot water plumbing pipe


Polybutylene pipe can resist is 48  ํC

Non Toxicity

Unusual Flexibility

Excellent Chemical Resistance

Light – Weight

High Design Pressure Rating

High Impact Resistance

Long Service Life

  Fitting and Joining System

  Installation for PB Pipe

1.  How to installation PB Pipes and fittings (Grab Lock Fitting System)

1. Cut the pipe square by the pipe snipper, then chamfer the pipe end with the chamfer tool.

2. Unscrew the cap of 3-4 joints. Measure the depth with the joints from the depth line at the joints and mark.

3. Push the pipe into the fitting until it reaches the mark.

4. Tighten the cap by the wrench for cap.

2. How to installation PB Pipes and fittings (Socket Fusion System)

1. Suitable temperature is 250 C, wait until the green light off.

2. Cut the pipe square and clean the pipe end, fitting and tools with alcohol. Make sure that the pipe depth is marked by measuring the insertion line on the fitting.

3. Heat the pipe and fitting simultaneously. Follow the welding condition given in the table.

4. Align the pipe and fitting, then push the pipe end into the fitting carefully. Do not turn or twist the joint after welding to control the welding quality, clamping tool is recommended.


  • ASTM D 3309-36a (2002)
  • ASTM D 2581-09
  • ASTM D 2662-96a ID
  • ASTM D 2662-96a Plastic Tubing
  • ASTM D 3000-95a OD based
  • AWWA C  902-88 (W97)

ISO 9001-2015-01

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