Neodrain Pipe is an underground drainage pipe made from high density polyethylene which is well know as a very stable and durable polymer and highly resists to acid-alkali and other chemical attacks. In addition, Neodrain pipe is particularly designed to make it have a high rate of aperture, that leads to fast drainage and prevention of blockage.



1. Drying up to ground surface.
2. Preventing the ground from softening
3. Stabilizing the structure by means of lowering the ground water level.

Type of Work

1. Airport

2. Sporting ground

3. Pavement

4. Embankment

5. Landscape

6. Golf course

7. Waste water treatment


1. Neodrain pipe has a rate of aperture part and a rate of solid part of 70% and 30% respectively, that make it drain effectively.

2. neodrain pipe is reinforced with hollow strand ribs. Therefore, it highly resists to external load-over 10 ton/m2 with the strain less than 8%.

3. Neodrain pipe is lighter than various plastic pipes. This brings about fast and convenient transportation.

4. Neodrain pipe has excellent resistance against acid, and alkali. No degradation takes place by chemical substances or soil bacteria.

5. The method of joining Neodrain pipe is very simple-just do pressing and turning to join, thus resulting in the convenient and low cost installation.

   Neodrain System


1. Prepare the pipe.

2. Do pressing and turning to join. The thread of fittings will prevent Noedrain pipe and fitting from loosing out.


  • ASTM D 2412-87


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