Geotextile is a nonwoven made of polyester continuous filaments which utilized proprietary technology developed by UNIKITA, biggest Japan-based spunbonded polyester manufacturer. Geotextile has a high mechanical strength, excellent durability, and good separation effect between soil and water. The characteristics come from unique structure of spunbonded nonwoven made of continuous filaments. We can offer the width of geotextiles up to 4 meters, appropriate roll length.

  • Geotextile

Gabion & Mattress

Gabions are used for the construction of retaining structure in all environments and climates. They are rectangular cages made of hexagonal galvanized wire mesh laced together and filled with stones. The wire mesh possesses high mechanical strength and the triple twist weaving of wires prevent unravalling. The wire strictly conform to TIS. 747/2531 or BS.1052/1980 for tensile strength and TIS.71/2531 or BS443/1982 for hot dip galvanizing, ensuring a long life.

  • Gabian & Mattress

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